UoP CSS 562 Week 2 Team Assignment - 63285

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Resource Microsoft® Excel scoring instrument

a quality inspection & improvement sheet based on the scoring instrument. The sheet will be used later in this course to evaluate team members' programs. As a team, share your ideas with each other and create one common sheet that your team will use. Your final sheet should be compiled in Microsoft® Excel and must include the following:


  • Areas to enter the evaluator's name, the name of the program being evaluated, and the date the program is received
  • A set of detailed criteria for evaluation based on the scoring instrument
  • The values assigned to each criteria of the evaluation based on the scoring instrument
  • Areas for detailed evaluation comments
  • Areas for detailed improvement description. These improvement could cover areas such as
  • Execution error
  • Usability
  • Feature enhancement

Other elements as appropriate

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Week 2 QI_IS.xlsx
Week 2 QI_IS.xl...