UoP CSS 562 Week 2 Individual Assignment - 63284

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Write a Java™ GUI application using NetBeans™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that calculates the total annual compensation of a salesperson. Consider the following factors:




  • The calculator should allow user to enter the amount of sales
  • The calculator should allow user to select the level of commission rate from a list of pre-defined commission rate. The 3 choices in the list are:
  • Entry Level Sales Agent = 5.5%

  • Sales Agent = 6.9%

  • Senior Sales Agent = 8.9%


  • The calculator should display the amount of commission in dollar, based on the amount of sales entered and the commission rate selected.


The Java™ application should meet these technical requirements:


  • The application should have at least one class, in addition to the application's controlling class (a controlling class is where the main function resides).

There should be proper documentation in the source code.

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