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Prepare a 2- to 3-page paper that includes a diagram for this assignment.




Pick a business process in Table 2.1 of Introduction to Information Systems.




Describe the process in a flowchart and indicate where computer information systems are used.



Indicate the benefit of using computer information systems in the business process that you picked

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Business Processes and Information Systems

            Information systems are at the core of almost every business today.  The primary reason behind this is that information can be used to make good decisions.  Information systems can also be utilized in every type of business imaginable in order to automate many tasks as well as provide individuals and the company with the ability to be more productive (Sylvan, 2014).  One of the requirements of any information system is that it must provide a return for the investment required and enable the company to do more with less.  Utilizing information systems correctly is essential to the success of such systems as a p

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