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Have checked the answers again. If not 19/19 at least 18 are correct.



Please find the quiz with the correct answers highlighted as follows:

Week 4 Health and Nutrition


1)Which of the following individuals will face the greatest health risks due to obesity?

Jill, who has been obese since childhood


Jose, who gained weight after he got married


Theresa, who gained weight after having her second baby


David, who gained 25 pounds after he turned 50 years old


2)Which of the following is a reason that the amount of extra subcutaneous fat would be higher than the amount of visceral fat?

Being a woman




Alcohol consumption


Increasing age


3)Which of the following contribute to the energy imbalance that is prevalent in America?

Distorted portion sizes


Food availability


Fast-food meals

All of these choices contribute to the energy imbalance in America


4) Jim has a BMI of 26 kg/m2, a waist circumference of 38, and none of the health conditions associated with excess body fat. He exercises regularly and does not smoke. From what we know about Jim, what can we most likely infer?

Jim needs to gain weight.