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Submit an essay compares and contrasts the similarities and differences between the business customs of two culturally different countries; you will use the sources you identified in Unit 1.. Be sure your final draft is 250-350 words and includes correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Your paper must be in APA format with citation, a title page, and a reference page.The countries you selected China and the U.S. should be discussed so that the reader will understand what customs may be similar and what customs are totally different.  For example you may discuss the way business meetings are view by each culture, are the meeting timely or does one country believe in timeliness and the other country feel being fashionably late is the norm.  Who can attend the meetings upper management only or some lower echelon employees?  What about women being in charge, what is the Chinese view as oppose to the American view?

There are many areas of similarities and differences between the two countries you just need to identify them and document them.



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