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  Discuss how the unique physical and chemical properties of water contribute to the importance of water for life on Earth to survive.

 I would like to start this assignment off by saying, that water is the most important thing on this planet, without it no thing or person could survive. So, I will try to explain the physical and chemical properties of water to the best of my abilities. The tendency of water molecules to form hydrogen bonds is what gives water its physical characteristics, all of these characteristics are important for living organisms. These bonds make the water molecules stick to each other and dirt, and other substrates. This gives an explanation of how plants, and even trees actually draw up water from the ground. As crazy as this sounds, you can say that water is sticky. The bonds in frozen water, amazingly are what makes ice float, and because of these same bonds, it takes a lot of energy, or huge amount of heat to raise the temperature of water, the end result is that this helps living things maintain a steady internal temperature. Water has chemical properties as well, which gives explanations on why things dissolve and why some substances are different, acidic, or just plain old basic. I really like the example that the textbook gives in chapter two about water. Saying, “In one sense, living things are forms of water moving about the planet:” It only makes perfect sense, take the human body for an example, our bodies are made up of over 60% water or (H20) which it would be safe to say that it makes our bodies function properly. If you really think about it, when the water levels in our bodies start getting low, we get sick. People die of dehydration quite often, the more hydrated you keep your body the better you feel. While I served the 12 years in the United States Army Infantry, I had to make sure that I kept myself hydrated properly, and I also had to ensure that my soldiers were also hydrated. Water is extremely important to make the blood flow properly, it makes food digestion much easier, and low water levels in the body can effect an individual’s immune