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A Union Report


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A Union Report

The National Education Association of the United States is a labor union that was established in 1857. The union comprises of public school workers though not restricted to teachers, cafeteria employees, educational support professionals, bus drivers, secretaries, guidance counselors, administrative assistants, librarians, psychologists, and nurses. The NEA is the most reputable teacher’s union in the U.S., though they are also the most examined. The basic objective of the union is to safeguard teacher rights and make sure that their members get fair treatment. The union has possibly done more for public education and teachers compared to any other labor union in the United States.

The NEA depends on its members to execute most of their tasks and offers a solid national, state and local network in return. NEA’s organizational structure is complex. At the local level, the union negotiates contracts for school staff members, raises money for scholarships, and performs professional development workshops for school employees (Meador, 2010). At the state phase, they lobby policymakers for financing, fight for improved standards, and seek to impact legislation. At the national level, the NEA lobbies federal agencies and Congress on behalf of its followers.

They also work in collaboration with other education unions, offer assistance and training, and perform operations conducive to their policies. The union has operated for 163 years since it was established. It operates