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Understanding and Coping with Change

Change is everywhere, yet very few people seem to embrace the concept. We are, for the most part, creatures of habit and follow daily routines. When change occurs, our activities and thought patterns are disrupted. 

Write a   (excluding the title and reference pages), using a minimum of three scholarly sources in addition to the textbook, analyzing the internal and external factors contributing to an individual’s resistance to change. 

Describe a situation where you or someone you know was resistant to change as identified in one of following areas: 

a.     Self-interest 

b.     Lack of understanding 

c.     Lack of trust in management 

d.     Differing assessments of the need for change 

e.     Low tolerance for change 

Explain whether the resistance to change was caused by an internal or external factor. Using Kotter’s theory for change, provide a plan for overcoming that resistance. What will be done and how will you know that the plan has worked? 



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The first steps fundamentally extrapolate on the unfreezing stage. Steps five through 7 represent  movement . & the final step works on  refreezing . When I look at the organizational structure change my current employer is going through it is clear that they have made plenty of of the mistakes Kotter discussed. When reviewing the unfreezing stage the organization has not created any sense of urgency or new vision to direct change. As I have discussed historicallyin the past the whole communication method related to these changes has been vague at best. The restructuring project is being lead by well respected senior management within the organization, however without the other parts discussed respected senior management leadership of project is not to make definite its success. They are currently in the movement phase of the project, this phase has been filled with a great deal of uncertainty & apprehension. Individuals within the organization are concerned as to what the final result is going to look like & ultimately how their self interests are going to be affected. The final step of refreezing has not yet occurred, so

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