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What are the major drivers of the rise in health care spending? How will the ACA affect these areas?

Major Drivers of Health Care Spending

Health care spending in United States has been cumulative in fast growing rate. As associate to 1980 when the health care cost was $256 billion. It has been increased now with $2.6 trillion in 2010. The cost was increased by tenth times from the past. The major driving forces behind it are following.

Technological advancement

The health care increasing rate of spending on the technology increase the cost on health care in great encompasses. New and efficient technology is trying to offer in healthcare institutes in order to meet the increasing demand of the inhabitants. For example due to lack of integration amongst the medical system over treatment or repetitive reports and test cause waste of resources so medical system trying to update the record system that meet the technological needs and deliver the integrated system of health care. The technological progression is one of the major drivers of health care spending.

Increased chronic diseases

Increasing number of long-lasting diseases is also a large driving force as the continuing diseases are increasing in continuous basis the major reason of increased in chronic diseases are obesity and weighty. To avert from these diseases the government spending on the preventive tools is increasing as well. The changing wildlife of these diseases also incites the spending to find