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Communication Channels Team A conducted an inventory of various communication channels used within the organizations with which the team members were affiliated. A large community health corporation, a small medical billing office, an Alzheimer’s clinic for the elderly, and two households were surveyed. Despite the diversity in size and scope of the organizations reviewed, Team A identified several common communication channels and shared communication challenges within the group. Messages sent using facsimile machines, faxes, were used in each of the organizations reviewed. Faxes presented an easy and efficient way to exchange information to external and internal medical offices, insurance companies, pharmacies, and other receivers as appropriate. In the case of the smaller organizations faxes were an external channel of communications. However, for the larger corporation, the fax was used as an external and internal option. Although faxing is popular, it is not used as a main means of communication with most companies. E-mail, video conferencing, and telephone conversation have proved to be more reliable. (METG, 2009). The large community health clinic did report frequent use of all of the above-mentioned communication channels. The drawbacks cited by the smaller organizations in using the fax were the very reason that the larger organization had opted to use alternative communication channels. Specifically, the transfer of information from a fax is totally dependent on a fax machine functioning and most offices have one fax machine. If the machine malfunctions, there is no way to transfer data. In addition, the quality of some transmissions may make some messages unreadable. Further, delays because of telephone line limitations or simply system capacity issues were also noted. Electronic mail or e-mail