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Role of HR in career Development
The Human resource management is framed on the fact that there is an overall purpose to the existence of the organization and the process of developing strategy within the organization is understood by the human resources. The top management needs to implement an approach that is all-encompassing and takes care of all the needs of human capital management. The organization needs to have responsibility and accountability for the human resource management that are relevant to the needs of the business. Also, human resource department needs to take care of the fact that it needs to identify and interact with the social, technological, economic and political environment of the organization. 
Akhtar et al in 2008 found that a set of HR practices which are recruitment, training, appraisals, reorientation, career growth plans and participation have profound effect on both product and financial performance. They performed a survey on general managers and HRM directors in around 400 Chinese companies with respect to the performance effects due to the implementation of the on SHRM practices.    They also found that employment security, hygiene factors and satisfaction factors pertaining to the job also increase after implementation of the SHRM. 
The training implementation plan focuses on outlining the requirement for carrying out the need assessment of the existing level of the employee competence with respect to the existing set of skills. This will enable them helpful at every stage of crisis and quick in management of issues. These training programs are really helpful in attaining the organizational objective and inculcating goodwill among the employees and cus