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        There is a very important role of managers and supervisors in terms of employees' performance management. However, an important part of the employee performance management depends on their performance review and feedback. Without effective review and feedback process efficient performance management is not possible. In this  regard it is essential that the managers have the required skills for  managing employee performance through feedback skills. However, the main issue is that  often the managers fail at providing effective feedback to the employees. It is why the management has decided to use a two day training workshop  to impart training to the managers with regard to effective use of feedback skills when delivering one to one  performance reviews. The  training will be imparted at a physical location different from their workplace and large enough to hold 100 or more people conveniently. Modern tools and techniques will be used to impart training successfully. Specifically the learning objectives of this workshop are as follows:-  

a. helping managers understand the importance of feedback.

b. Improve their feedback skills.