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Training and Organizational Development Proposal


Managing diversity can supplement affirmative action plans and novel employment practices and policies to tackle the fiascoes of a firm and support women and ethnic and racial minorities into higher ranks of management. As the HRD manager in the organization, the following are new training processes and programs that I propose to the senior management to develop effective recruiting and selection methods to attract more minorities and women to the organization.

  1. Search and screen process

The search and screen procedure has progressed with time to guarantee the selection of an appropriate candidate and equal chance for all candidates. The process incorporates various steps like planning the process, checking references, conducting interviews among others.  The procedure includes the aspects of an equitable and fair search procedure as stipulated by the state and federal law and permits for observing employee chance at an organization (Kozan, 2019). The process also serves to nurture positive rapport with associates at other organizations via a courteous and timely response process.  These processes concurrently tackle the complementary objectives of diversity and excellence in the search procedure. Improvement in drawing and retaining people of color, people with disabilities, women, and endangered veterans thus assisting to attain both objectives. A solid, unbiased set of hiring processes is merely one aspect developed to facilitate development.

The objectives of these processes are to guarantee:

  1. A comprehensive screening procedure. A cautious screening procedure to guarantee just chance for consideration and to permit the best participants to rise fairly and naturally to the forefront.
  2. Aggressive advertising and recruiting plans. Strategies that think “outside the box” via varied and aggressive labors to reach varied populations.
  3. Submission to federal candidate tracking requirements. Bureaucratic steps that guarantee informatio