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Answer these questions in essay format, using the instructions provided in Assignment Instructions.  Review the Essay 3 Grading Rubric to see how your essay will be graded.


1.      Trace the development of the topic of your research paper through all three structures of your memory, according to the Dual Store Model. At each stage, give the verbal or visual stimulus and the cognitive processing for transferring information between stages.


2.      Describe the use of encoding, elaboration, and organization in storing in your LTM one of the Theories of Learning we have studied to date.


3.      Name a concept you have recently forgotten (test question?). Give four possible explanations for the forgetting.


4.      Develop a mnemonic for learning the Retrieval Cues, as either Serial Learning or Paired Associate Learning.  State the cues, the kind of list, and the mnemonic.



Each essay should be at least 600 words in length-about half a page per question

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