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1500 words paper - topic - my definition of leadership Unit 6 Assignment - Using the readings and assignments you have completed to date: • How have you changed/enhanced your personal definition of leadership? Continue to build on the work you have been completing in GM502 and GM503. Describe what changes you are making and why. • As you have learned more about leadership theory and practice in GM503, add to your analysis work that you completed in GM502. Tell us what this leader actually did in terms of concept and practice. Cite examples and any measurable results you saw as a result. • If you could make any additional recommendations to this leader that would have increased his/her effectiveness, using the information you have gained in GM503, what would they be? • Write an conclusion on your thoughts about the overall performance of this leader, which leadership theories and practices he or she used most effectively Describe how you will be integrating this information into your leadership practice(s). My original definition of leadership was constructed was based on a number of experiences, historical models, work experience and contemporary leaders we hear about in the news.

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