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To complete this assignment, you must find a partner (preferably a peer or colleague) and obtain their written permission to participate. You will take the role of a leader/coach and your colleague will take the role of an individual whom you supervise or manage. 

Once you have identified your partner, research peer reviewed journal articles from the Northcentral library to create an academic basis to support your planned coaching experience. 

Your first task is to construct a context for the role your partner will play. You will also compose an intake interview or series of interviews. You may refer to the instruments in the Flaherty appendices. Implement the assessment and document the responses. 

Identify, analyze, and describe the (a) context for the role play (i.e. the characteristics of the client, the circumstances of the client’s transition, specific challenges reported by the client); (b) assessment tool(s)/model(s) used and rationale for choices; (c) assessment process; (d) outcomes of the assessment; and (e) one coaching approach and short-term coaching goal which would move the client positively forward in the transition process. Make sure to reference peer reviewed journal articles to support your conclusions.

3000 words at least..!!
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