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My business strategy is to purchase an existing tea and coffee shop which is located a mile away from where I work in Ashburn, Virginia, the business is call Sakasa tea and coffee. Sakasa is located next door to George Washington University and directly across is a chick fil a and a small hotel also it is right off a major highway so it has a great location. The reason the owner is selling is because of health issue and as a result, he cannot run the business the way it should. The business is making a profit of $2000.00 dollars a month on average after paying all expense. But I feel he can generate $5000.00 a month on average if he markets the business. The current owner never advertises Sakasa tea and coffee in the area. Therefore, I assume since he is located next to a major University he did not have to do any advertising and it was all word of mouth by the students which is a great.


Sakasa serve a variety of hot and cold tea and coffee, they use only 100% organic Fair Trade coffee and espresso beans (Sakasa tea & coffee, 2008) . They also freshly roast all coffee beans locally, so you get the true magical flavor of every bean. It is truly amazing. Also Sakasa feature a huge selection of loose leaf teas, they also has a variety of savory tea sandwiches, assorted sweets, and freshly baked scones which served with different types of jam and English Devonshire cream(Sakasa tea & coffee, 2008) .


My business concept is to keep the existing concept but add more variety and products to the business and expand the square footage by expanding the business over to the next building since it is not occupied at the moment. This will gives each individual a quiet study space next door which will have free wifi and comfortable tables and chairs for them to study. Also I will have a lounge area for students who want to study in groups. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance for larger groups of students or working professionals. I will continue to offer the hot and cold beverages and add healthy and organic breakfast and lunch with homemade pastry at a reasonable price. I also will target all of the university students and staffs by offering them a discount with a reward card. Also I will hand out flyers to all nearby businesses in the area and advertise in the local newspaper biweekly. Moreover, I will extend my business to cater for all events such as: gaming tournaments, art show, Special events and more. If you are a loyalty customer you will receive additional discount on all catering. Since this is a newly develop area any new business open in the area wi