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TMGT/590 - Simulation Assignment - Integrating Technology

Run the Integrating Technology into a Business and the Using Technology as a Business Driver simulations.

Complete the following assignment as a team:

  • Write and submit a paper in APA format, of no more than 1,050 words.
  • Discuss at least four tools and resources for implementing process consultation projects.
  • Compare and contrast these implementation tools, citing at least four peer-reviewed sources.
  • Based on your analysis, make recommendations about when to use each tool.
  • Summarize the data analysis and decision-making tools or methods that team members used on their own to complete the simulation.
  • Utilize the implementation tools you have researched to evaluate the technology implementation process in the simulations. What improvements, if any, could be made? Look at the broader context of the simulation and address issues such as management buy-in and team diversity.


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TMGT/590 - Simulation Assig

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