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Write and submit a paper of no more than 1,050 words in APA format that identifies at least three different types of organization interventions for which you believe you are now prepared to lead.

Identify for each at least one potential technology implementation or assessment project in your organization and assess which of the three consultation models—expert, pair-of-hands, and collaborative—presented in your text would be more appropriate for each situation. Include your rationale for each and cite at least two peer-reviewed sources to support your assessment.

Evaluate your personal skills and competencies against those required for a successful process consultant. Cite at least two peer-reviewed sources to support your analysis. Discuss your skills, expertise, and limitations, with particular emphasis on those areas in which you need to develop additional skills and expertise.

Select one of these projects to implement over the remainder of the course based on your analysis of your skills, expertise, and limitations and discuss why you have chosen this project.

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