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PMO research for XYZ corporation



There were efforts in XYZ Company to appropriately and successfully introduce a Project Management Office (PMO). There was already a Project Management team in place, and the company attempted several times to place the PMO unit under different departments such as the Software Development Department and the Strategic Business Development Department. Unfortunately, none of these attempts were successful, leading to the resignation of the unit manager and the removal of the PMO from the company. XYZ Company can be categorized as an IT company that provides e-business services and solutions. In addition, it has successfully launched several e-Government services. XYZ Company aims to be the largest national system in secure e-business services. In the national market, it targets individuals and organizations from both public and private sector.

Scrum and XP

Scrum and extreme programming provide complementary practices and rules. They overlap at the planning game (XP) and Sprit planning (Scrum). Both encourage similar values, minimizing otherwise troublesome disconnects between management and developers. Combined, they provide a structure within which XYZ customer can evolve a software product that best meets his or her needs, and can implement quality functionality incrementally to take advantage of business opportunities.

 Introduction to XYZ Project approach

XYZ Project approach had a significantly troubled background. The requirements and data were so complicated that prior efforts never got beyond analysis. After two highly visible failures to deliver software, senior management felt a need for a radical change in approach.

The clients had previously experimented with Agile methodologies as part of its ongoing research into software development and had had some success. In parti