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3.) The transonic airplane, now on the drawing board, is intended to be a commercial transport operating between continents at supersonic speeds. It will fly a ballistic trajectory and be able to reach Japan from the United States in only a few hours. Identify the base, key, and pacing technologies for this vehicle. Discuss the economic, political, social, and technical issues surrounding its development.


4.) Select an industry such as semiconductors or consumer electronics and go through the six stages of strategic technical planning process listed in Table 13.1.

5.)Consider the problem of trying to decide which tasks to fund in parallel to achieve a given technical objective. For example, the objective might be to develop a low-cost rechargeable battery to power an electric vehicle. The funding options might be various types of battery technologies available (Bard and Feinberg 1989). What are the decision variables and functional relationships associated with the problem? What data are required? Be specific with respect to probability functions and any other relationships that might exist.



1.) Write a report on the software package Microsoft Project or another one with which you are familiar. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the package as a tool for supporting the study of project management.


2.) Develop a software selection methodology for the project “Design of a New Space Laboratory for Crystal Manufacture.” Use the methodology to assess Microsoft Project’s ability to support the management of this project.






4.) Obtain a project management software package with which you are not familiar. For the example project in the book, determine how much time is required to learn its basic functions, including data entry, critical path analysis, and report generation.



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