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The song "Happy Birthday to You"


The song "Happy Birthday to You" has univeral appeal everyone know it lyrics and melody, and it is sung to million of people on a daily basis, What many people donot know is that the song "happy Birthday to You" is Copyrighted. Your Role/Assignment You are arvitrator who has recently been assinged to resolve a legal dispute between Bobby Bandleader, owner and operater of Bobby" Bistro (a Local restaurant), and Johnny Singstealer. Bobby Bandleader has always been a great lover of music and his restaurant is known for its musical offering where the staff periodically breaks into song at impromptu times, often led by Bobby himself. In fact, they are particularly well know for their birthday celebreatiobs where any customer celebrating a birthday with the Bistro Restaurant family is serenaded with Bobby's own version of the classic "happy Birthday to You song. He has perfected rendition of the song over twenty years of singing it at the Bistro and it is quite good now. Bobby's rendition of the song is very popular with the locals and many people choose to come to Bobby's Bistro on their birthdays specifically for this reason Unfortunately for Bobby, Johnny Singstealer recently go wind of the Bistro"s famous birthday activites. Johnny is the copyright holder of the "Happy Birthay to You" song and he was outraged to learn that Bobby was sing his song to customers at the Bistro with paying any licensing fee to Johnny for the right to do so. Thus, Johnny and his team of lawers have filed suit against Bobbyy Bandlearder and Bobby's Bistro Restaurant, seeking 1 million dollar in dammages for past and present copyright abuse, as well as an injunction against any further performances of the song by Bobby until a licensing agrement is place. Both parties have agreed to sumit the dipute to arbitration to save on the cost of going to trial. You are the arbitrator in charge of resolving this legal dispute. You have been asked by both sides to render a verdict basd upon your understanding of copyright law and the facts of the case. You are to decide what amount of damages, if, Bobby Bandleader owes for sing the song in the past, and whether or not he can continue to do so in the future, absent of reaching a licensing agreement with Johnny Singstealer. Please write a one-page ruling that details your answer and explains and why you reahed the conclusion that you did.



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