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The owner of a restaurant serving Continental-style entrées was interested in studying ordering patterns of patrons for the Friday-to-Sunday weekend time period. Records were maintained that indicated the demand for dessert during the same time period. The owner decided to study two other variables, along with whether a dessert was ordered: the gender of the individual and whether a beef entrée was ordered. The results are as follows: GENDER DESSERT ORDERED Male Female Total Yes 96 40 136 No 224 240 464 Total 320 280 600 BEEF ENTRÉE DESSERT ORDERED Yes No Total Yes 71 65 136 No 116 348 464 Total 187 413 600 e. Suppose the first person that the waiter takes the dessert order from is a female. What is the probability that she does not order dessert? f. Are gender and ordering dessert independent? g. Is ordering a beef entrée independent of whether the person orders dessert? A survey sponsored by The American Dietetic Association and the agribusiness giant ConAgra found that 53% of office workers take 30 minutes or less for lunch each day. Approximately 37% take 30 to 60 minutes, and 10% take more than an hour. a. What additional information you want to know before you accepted the results of the survey? b. Discuss the four types of survey errors in the context of this survey.
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