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The following information is available for The Green Hornet Corporation for 2012:

Inventories                                        January 1      December 31

 Materials                                          165,000            210,000

Work in Process                                              306,000            290,000

Finished Goods                                                298,000            284,000


advertising expense - 148,000

depreciation expense-office equipment-21,000

depreciation expense-factory equipment-20,900

direct labor-360,000

heat, light, and power-factory-8,400

indirect labor-29100

materials purchased-325000

office salaries expense-115000

property taxes-factory-6800

property taxes-office building-18000

rent expense-factory-11500


sales salaries expense-188000


misc cost-factory-3600






1)      Prepare the 2012 statement of cost of goods manufactured

2)      Prepare the 2012 income statement


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