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The e-commerce marketing

Different companies have different marketing concepts. Marketing is known as managing gainful customer relationships such as attracting new customers and keeping current customers by giving satisfactions. is one of the famous websites in the e-commerce world today. It has a strong competitive advantage. However, there are certain views of conducting business over the internet which creates difficulties and the demand of marketing planning as with many other retailers. is what started as a world's biggest bookstore and become a world's biggest anything store. It has guessed into many areas to increase profitability and enhance its products and services with up-to-date goods. Amazon started out as an online bookstore, constantly making news with the number of titles it offered for sale. In the late 1990s, Amazon had more than four million titles after adding CDs, videos, DVDs and games. It continued to add new lines of business including toys, consumer electronics, software, power tools, home improvement products and online auctions (Haines, 1998).


As the title of article "Amazon is selling designs of its own", amazon.