The Battle of the Gurus Crosby vs Deming - 63765

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The Battle of the Gurus


Dr. W. Edwards Deming, was an eminent scholar and teacher in American academia for more than half a century. Edwards Deming guided the rise of the Japanese industry after World War II. His expertise and skill was used to improve the war equipment quality in Japan, while at the same time revitalizing and restoring a Japanese Industry that had been broke down by the World War. He was also known to be best practitioner who device the 14 points in quality improvement. (March, 1986)


Leadership roles being very important to Deming he professed 14 pints for managers to incorporate at every level of the organization. He is known for his ratio - Quality is equal to the result of work efforts over the total costs. If a company is to focus on costs, the problem is that costs rise while quality deteriorates. Deming’s quality teachings emp