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Assignment 2: Discrimination in Employment

There are numerous ways discrimination can occur in the workplace. Choose one type of discrimination covered by the US EEOC as listed below:

·         Age

·         Disability

·         Genetic information

·         National origin

·         Pregnancy

·         Race and color

·         Religion

·         Sex


Address the following in a 3–5-page paper:

·         Explain the type of discrimination you selected, including relevant laws. Discuss the implications and consequences of a violation.

·         Cite at least two court cases that involve this type of discrimination in employment. Analyze the cases to determine whether and where illegal behavior occurred.

·         Discuss ways employers can prevent or reduce the risk of this type of discrimination in the workplace.


·         Discuss the law in the current and future employment context. Many laws covering discrimination are decades old. Are these laws still applicable? Do they still accomplish what they are intended to do? What modifications may be necessary or appropriate in the future?

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