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It's time to look back at the Terminal Course Objectives (TCOs) in this course and assess what you have learned. In this course, you have considered ten TCOs focused on a variety of business law topics. How are these concepts relevant to the career path you are pursuing? How will they help you prepare for your career? Where do you see these fitting in your career? What did you learn that gave you new knowledge or perhaps changed your direction as a result? Prepare a 900-1,000-page, double-spaced paper reflecting on at least two TCOs that have given you new knowledge or perspective on the business world and your place in it.

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Administrative Laws


 Administrative laws are basically considered as a branch of law which governs the creational and operational activities of the administrative agencies of government. Administrative law is considered as a part of public law who has engaged its agencies across worldwide to deal with various types of unlawful activities.  These administrative agencies have got the rights to involve in various actions such as creation of new rules and regulations based on various theories of the laws and adjudication. Being a part of law administrative laws deals with many private and government administrative units such as police law, various trade units, manufacturing organizations, taxation department, environment research organization and many others. The administrative agencies act within certain defined parameter for them and follow all the legal laws before entering to any kind investigation process. More over the court might consider the statement of the administrative agency as final for convicting the appellate for his involvement in any kind of unlawful activities. Being a beginner or learner to the business process it is the responsibility of the concern person to identify the suitable laws that are governed by the administrative agencies. Before entering to the business profession the prime concern is to go through all the laws that are to be followed during the work activities in the business organization. It may happen being a learner or beginner, the scope of law practicing will be little bit less but it is necessary to provide full concern towards the law practices. Being a part of administrative group, it is compulsory to go through the superior to enhance the law practices in the business organization. This type of practice may help the person to be away from any kind of unlawful activities. Apart from that it is necessary for the

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