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Develop an original 30–40 minute lesson plan during which you teach a game-related skill to beginning students (e.g., dribbling a basketball or soccer ball).

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Subject(s):  PE and Health


Topic or Unit of Study:  Techniques in Passing a Basketball


Grade/Level:  4th Grade


Instructional Setting:


Classroom is comprised of 17 students with one teacher.   Lesson will take place on school basketball court area.  Students will be arranged in pairs for practicing of techniques followed by a whole group closing activity. 




Your State Core Curriculum/Student Achievement Standard(s):


PE.4.1.4:  combine traveling, balancing, and rolling actions with a change in level, direction or speed.

PE.4.2.1:  demonstrate critical elements or components for the kick, catch, throw, dribble with hands, and jumping/landing.

PE.4.2.4:  use appropriate practice to improve performance.

PE.4.5.3:  work cooperatively and productively with a partner or small group.

PE.4.5.5:  recognize and accept others with different skills and abilities.


Lesson Objective(s):


Students will learn how to:

  • make a chest pass
  • make a bounce pass
  • make a two-handed overhead pass.




Instructional Materials: