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develop an original 30–40 minute lesson plan in
which you teach an art lesson.
1. Your lesson plan should include the use of different types of media (e.g., construction
paper, crayons, paint, markers, chalk, colored pencils, etc.).

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Lesson Title & Subject(s): Symmetry Skeletons, Art


Topic or Unit of Study: Symmetry


Grade/Level: 4th Grade


Instructional Setting:


Classroom is comprised of 17 students with one teacher.  Seating arrangement is one group of five students and three groups of six students at individual desks.  The lesson will include direct instruction, large group discussion and an activity within the classroom. 




Your State Core Curriculum/Student Achievement Standard(s):


VA.S.4.1 Media, Techniques and Processes

VA.4.2.6 :  create art using different types of balance, i.e., symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial.

VA.4.2.9 :  create contrast/variety in art by using one or more elements of art.

VA.4.6.1 :  identify and understand similarities and differences between characteristics of visual art and other arts disciplines.

M.O.4.3.4 identify and create a two-dimensional design with one line of symmetry. 


Lesson Objective(s):


The objective of this lesson is to teach students about the word