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Write a brief essay (suggested length of 2 pages, not including illustrations) that discusses the following:


A.  Describe how to introduce the concept of surface area of a cube to students in grades 5 and 6.


B.  Describe the prerequisite skills the students need to be able to solve a problem involving the surface area of a cube.


C.  Explain how to teach the skills the students need to:

1.  Understand the steps necessary to turn “2-dimensional” materials into a 3-dimensional cube.

2.  Determine the exterior surface area of a cube.

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Surface Area of a Cube 

Knowing how to compute surface area is an important element in many professions and in a person’s daily life.  Surface area is important when painting a house, laying tile, brick, or carpet, sewing a dress among many other things.  A majority of real world problems will require the knowledge of knowing the area of three-dimensional objects.  In order for students to understand the concept of determining surface area, they will need to be able to visualize and manipulate actual objects.   When discussing surface area, students will need to understand that this particular measurement is in reference to a three-dimensional shape.  The actual formula for surface area involves using length, width and height.  


Before introducing surface area to student