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The supply chain plays a critical role for an organization. The supply chain are weak and they would cause interrupt the continuity and bring disorder for the organization. It would make the administration weak. It is not necessary for an organization to run in an efficient form. The preliminary plan or sketch for making something of the company would be in chance or possibility of danger. The company would be become negative economic impact using the supply chain. The financial consequences will be under risk using this supply chain. The taking the initiative measures must be undertaken by the firms and the method involves the process finding several sources of supply by using this we can identify the process of getting success of the company. The recovery plans are not successful in overcoming the supply chain disruptions. An acquisition is some time failed if the company haven’t achieve the strategies time of buying the business. The reasons for failure are given below that if one company sets a wrong strategy that drives it down a blind alley it will get into trouble. The body of people combined for a common purpose must considered the alternatives because to improve but balance between organic growth and acquisition. The company does not have a complete understanding about the target company’s market and also not understand what is driving it up or down and what is happening within it. The subdivision of an infantry battalion must understand why this business makes money. The workers in the company with together must have a clear confer in order to reach an agreement strategy that reflects the circumstances of the deal. The company must consider the integration benefits. the frequent action must involved to improve the actions. It also caused due to the without enough money to live comfortably of the communication.