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summary and essay on attached document


It has been said that animation is one of two wholly American art forms. As with jazz, it was conceived of and truly developed in the United States and does not rely on Old World traditions for definition or direction. But the thing that really makes each of these art forms "American" is their style: irreverent, wild, and boundless. Animation is an artistic and iconic expression of the United States. Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse, to name just two famous characters, are recognized worldwide--for better or worse--as representative of American values and culture.


Cartoons, as the product of animation is called, and the stories of their creators and industry are at once amusing and instructive, uplifting and disturbing, a source of cultural pride and, at times, of shame. We are drawn in by cartoons because they are entertaining and often funny, but we will watch them again and again, learn about the personalities that created them, and study their history.

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