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Write an essay (suggested length of 1–2 pages) describing how a teacher would help students perform the following activities:

A.  Practice for a test

1.  Describe an original classroom instructional activity that will help students learn specific information. (Be sure to provide a short description of the specific information you want students to learn.) 

2.  Explain how this instructional activity helps students learn the information.


B.  Review for a test on this information

1.  Describe an instructional activity that will help students review the information so they can perform well on a test.

2.  Explain how this activity helps the students organize and recall information.

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Study Skills



There are many pre-made learning kits available to use in addition to teaching a lesson plan unit.  There is a fantastic resource from Audio Memory Publishing that produces music songs on CD to aid in learning geography, math, grammar, etc.  The teacher can present her lesson and then present the class with a song to help them remember the concepts or material.  For example when teaching the students a lesson on the names and location of the