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On Syphilis compose a  two-page report evaluating the feasibility of each disease control strategy. Analyze the feasibility of each strategy using the following questions: 


  • Is the strategy socioeconomically viable? 
  • Does the strategy provide incentives (e.g., free diagnosis, prompt treatment) to encourage people to prevent the spread of the disease? 
  • Does the strategy exhibit potential for reduced morbidity and mortality in the future? 
  • Does the strategy provide enough room for inclusion of effective interventions? 
  • Does the strategy promote effective patient management (e.g., self reporting, examination of new patients, and surveillance of risk groups)? 
  • Does the strategy give due consideration to information management system integrated into general health information system? 
  • Does the strategy permit physical, social, and economic rehabilitation of patients? 
  • Revise your disease control plan after analyzing the feasibility of each strategy.
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