Strategy and Performance Management at DSM - 98686

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Strategy and Performance Management at DSM

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              Strategy and Performance Management at DSM

Key Performance Management Processes to link DSM's KSF

From the information provided in the DSM case, the company's key success factors are evident in its different business units. It is, thus, critical for the management to link these elements together in a way that they work together towards delivering optimum output and also ensure the smooth running of the processes. The primary KSF of DSM relies on three fundamental groups of strategy. Consequently, linking the three groups would replicate to linking all the relevant success factors.  Wit and Meyer (2010) identify the three groups as local players, merchant players, and the captive players. The KSF are specific for each of the strategy group. The key success factor for the local players is customer loyalty. Further, low cost and security sales are KSF for merchant customers while cost competitiveness in production is the KSF for captive players. Also, there is a group variation in performance of the factors among the three strategy groups.

Most importantly, the company ought to create performance processes in its business and corporate systems to facilitate successful integration of the fore-mentioned key success factors. Therefore, it would be necessary for DSM to develop an information system to link its value base busin