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Strategic Planning of Health Care Organization












Leader of the local health care organization, the Ken Janowski noticed that the other health care organizations have been successfully incorporating the strategic management practices. He hired me for researching what the strategic planning development is & also what the implementation process is & for addressing why this has been successful. The strategic planning has been practiced a lot by any health care organizations. The strategic planning process should have been established for positioning health care organizations in the fast changing environment. “The strategic planning has been a process to determine what the organization requires to be in future & how they would get there” (McKay, 2001). The strategic planning needs that the choices have been made of the health care organization future. Those choices concern our vision & also mission, the goals to be pursued, also what services would be offered & to whom, resources which would be required & how they would be acquired.

Importance of the Strategic Planning

      Improving the performance of the health care organizations.

      Determining the future direction of