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"Strategic Competitiveness" Please respond to the following:

  • From the first e-Activity, determine which of the two primary drivers of the competitive landscape is more influential. Explain your rationale.

Between emerge of the global markets and advances in technology, I believe that technology is more influential of the competitive landscape, because with technology a company can optimize its performance. Having this said in a hypercompetitive industry a company at first must be up to date with technology in order to take advantage over their competitors. In Florida the agricultural industry have been upgrading their technology in order to catch with other industries


  • Explain which model (I / O model or resource-based model) you believe will best help a firm in the industry you researched earn above-average returns.

I believe that the resource-based model suits best to help a firm reach above-average return, because it gives a firm a better view of its capabilities by using their own resources, also I believe you can come up with a reachable plan or strategy to implement.

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