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Organisational growth is one of the most important facts any business has to undertake. The organisation aims for its growth it to capture the greater market share and provide its sufficiency in the market for better future prospects. There are many alternatives to aim for a better organisational growth. To realise the growth Comcast must therefore look at its best value discipline and provide rationales, look at its generic strategies, the grand strategies and finally evaluate the necessary alternative to make the growth look significant.

To start off with the first thing in the group is to identify the best value discipline for the organisation and provide a rationale for it. The value discipline is the part of the organisation which defines your company (Fred R. David, 2013). The value discipline is the core of the act and thus defines the plan and decision a company is willing to take into account. The value plan therefore defines what the company is in actually and what does it do. There are basically three main value disciplines but any company can make the fourth as well by combining any two understated.

The first value discipline is the operational excellence. Any company that aims for the operational excellence in not the one which aims for a product or service innovations, neither have they tried to nurture deep, or maintain an interpersonal one to one relationship with their customer. The companies that aim for the operational excellence are driven for making the middle of the market products at the best possible price by causing least inconvenience to its customers. This provides the customer a low price and irritation free service and hence maintains a better proportion with the customers. Example of a company that does this is Comcast.

The next value discipline activity is to have pr

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