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str 581 week phase 1

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Phase 1:

Recent phenomenon which has urged individuals and companies to focus upon ethical behavior and to participate actively, they should not ignore the laws governing social responsibility. Red Cross has to keep in mind the external and internal factors or trends affecting the company and its performance when reaching upon the selection of generic and grand strategies and strategic objectives. Furthermore, the various weaknesses of the company can be overcome by adopting a generic or grand strategy which fulfils the objectives and Red Cross can tap new opportunities in the competitive world while maintaining and expanding the range of services it offers and developing new ideas to promote the tasks organized by the volunteers and members in order to achieve both short term and long term goals.

As previously mentioned the forces which affect the Red Cross are blood donors and their satisfaction, volunteers and fund raising and increased nationalist approach by various countries and international isolation.

Starting off with the generic strategy which the company is using or can use as discussed previously