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A.  Write a story synopsis of a children’s narrative story (suggested length of 1-2 pages) that utilizes a variety of comprehension and thinking level questions by doing the following:


1.  Write a summary of the story (suggested length of 12 paragraphs) that includes the main idea, context, setting, and characters of the story.

2.  Provide an introduction of new vocabulary.

3.  Provide three pre-reading questions at a variety of thinking levels to activate students’ prior knowledge of the topic.

4.  Provide three during-reading questions at a variety of thinking levels to encourage student participation.

5.  Provide three post-reading questions at a variety of thinking levels to encourage student reflection and comprehension.

6.  Identify thethinking level for each question you wrote in parts A2–A4 (nine total questions) to ensure that a variety of thinking levels has been addressed.

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Synopsis of “In Plain Sight” by Carol Otis Hurst



“In Plain Sight,” is a story about one family’s trials and triumphs.  The main idea of the story is for the reader to think about the people left behind by the adventurers in history and to explore how relationships within a family change when hard times hit.  The story takes place on the family’s small farm in Westfield, Massachusetts in the 1800’s. On the farm there are animals and crops that the family must care for. The main character of the story is Sarah Corbin, she is eleven years old.  Other characters of the story are Sarah’s dad, Miles Corbin, the light of her life and her mom, Delina, who is a very stern and demanding, and her brother and sister, Robbie and Rachel.


The context of the book happen