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Standard Deviation Abstract Paper


The purpose of this paper is to write a basic abstract for each article selected by the member of the learning team and establish for each article the purpose of the study, the research question(s), the hypothesis of the study, and the main findings of the study. The articles selected by each members of the learning team were: Explaining satisfaction in double deviation scenarios: the effects of anger and distributive justice (Jessica); Consumer Socialization in a Wired World: The Effects of Internet Use and Parental Communication on the Development of Skepticism to Advertising (Waleska); Real Estate in the Real World: Dealing with Non-Normality and Risk in an Asset Allocation Model (Pollyanna); and Social network productivity in the use of SNS. (Miguel).


In the student (Jessica) article is an article in where the research has shown that more than half of attempted recovery efforts only reinforce dissatisfaction, producing a double deviation effect. Surprisingly, these double deviation effects have received little attention in service marketing literature. To fill this gap, this article aims to develop and empirically test a model of how customers form satisfaction judgments in double deviation scenarios. The article seeks to propose that emotions have a distinct and separate influence from perceived jus