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Please respond to the following: "Stages of Internationalization"

• Analyze the stages of internationalization and determine the ways in which HR can best contribute to a smooth transition from one stage to the next.

• Compare and contrast the matrix structure with other forms of organizational structure (mixed, hierarchy, transnational, and network), and determine which best describes the greatest number of U.S. Multinational Enterprises (MNEs). Explain your reasoning "Control Strategies"

• Compare and contrast the control strategies for multinational firms (structural-formal focus vs. cultural-information focus). Select a country with which you are at least somewhat familiar and determine which strategy would work best for an MNE from that country, briefly explaining your rationale.

• Country of origin influences the firm’s approach to organization structure. As MNEs from China and India internationalize, determine to what extent they will differ from or be similar to one other. Determine how they will differ (if at all) from U.S. MNEs

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