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Stack Addressing

Stack addressing is a commonly used term within the computer language and most frequently being used. Apart the term stack out of it, that clearly justifies that a stack is an operation or also known as an abstract data type that is being organized in such a way that the two terms push and pop serves the overall things. This process is further known as the stack operation or the push pop operation and follows up the fundamental of Last In First Out. The term last in first out clearly explains and suggests the things which are being firstly put on will be picked on last and the last one will be picked up first. This can be better explained by taking the following example.

Taking a particular closed container and many number of balls are being put on over there one by one and at a time, when it is supposed to be drawn from the container, the balls that is being put up on the last will be the first to come out of it and this way last in first out or a stack process is determined with respect to a particular thing.

As far as the stack is concerned within the concept of the language as per the practical situation, it simply is like pushing the term into a stack is the getting the term into the box or popping refers to the removal of a particular value from the stack and performing out the various operations.

Considering the stack when it is being completely filled up as per the given size, then it goes under the overflow stage while when it is empty, it is in underflow stage. When the stack is an empty one, the value set to it or initialized is at -1 which becomes at 0 levels as soon as any data is to be added to it.

A stack thus can also be referred as the restricted operations of the data structure with which only a certain as well as limited operations can be performed out. And sometimes can lead to overflow, if it i

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