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                           Pros of SDDs to an organization



1)Faster Speed.They  offer a high speed of  up to 100x the performance speed of other storage drives,thereby providing   faster boot times, faster  file transfers, and better  bandwidth for enterprise sum calculations(computing).


2)Durable purchasing Cost.SSDs are more durable than other storage drives thereby serving a firm forse  for a much longer duration.This  cost savings add up in the long run.

3)Less Power usage.SSDs use little power,this help save on costs  by decreasing loss of heat  during operations.




   Major disadvantages and possible hazards when SSDs are used in an organization.



1)The following outcomes may emanate when SSDs lose power;

  • Data loss.
  • data corruption.
  • complete device failure(crashing)


2) Unsafeness when erasing content from the card because of the unclear data disposal mechanisms.

3)SSDs are not resistant(immune)to failure and defects,thereby can suscept an organization's data  to disastrous  situations(data loss).




Disabled American Veterans, social services, and Delaware Health agencies should consider using SSDs because;

  • It has a high performance with a faster speed of processing  and computing data in organizations.
  • It enables tiered storage  that is facilit