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SSDs and Its Use in Organizations

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Benefits for an organization to use SSDs:

The major benefits of using SSDs are given below:

1- Performance

             The main benefit offered by SSDs is, performance. A solid state drive's greatest advantage over, in terms of performance (speed) is, that they are very fast in terms of random access as compared to traditional hard drives. A traditional magnetic hard disk must move the read-write heads across the surface of the drive to access the data. A solid state drive do not have any read-write head, rather it uses an index to locate the data. This process is similar to access the data located in RAM. Hence data fragmentation has very little impact on read performance.

            Earlier SSDs were mainly used in those aspects of mission critical applications where the speed of the storage system needed to be as high as possible. But now increased density and fallen prices have provided the organizations with two choices to choose from; organizations that can benefit from faster access of system data are: equity trading companies, streaming media, telecommunication corporations and video editing firms. SSDs are best fit to the servers which performance is a critical factor like a high-demand database server. SSDs are also a better choice for tiered storage, the reason is, and the c