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1. Some students that attend college work full or part time. How much did your working college friends each earn last month? Listed below is the amount earned last month by each student in a sample of 35 college students. a.) Describe the population of interest. (2 points) b.) How many of the students in the sample worked last month? (2 points) c.) Describe the variable, amount earned by a working college student last month, using one graph, one measure of central tendency, and one measure of dispersion. (6 points) d.) Find evidence to show that the assumptions used for the Student%u2019s t-distribution have been satisfied. (2 points) e.) Estimate the mean amount earned by a college student per month using a point estimate and a 95% confidence interval. (4 points) f.) Based on records from the US Department of Education it is estimated that college students earn an average of $350. Does the sample show sufficient reason to reject the claim? Use %u03B1 = 0.05
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