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Social Performance of Organizations











Apple: Nature, Structure, Products and Services

Formerly referred to as Apple Computer Inc., Apple Inc. is one of the largest American multinational companies with its headquarters in Cupertino, California. The company is involved in the planning, developing, and selling of consumer electronics, software, and personal computers. It is legendary known for iPhone Smartphone, Mac computers, iPad tablet computer and iPod music player (Reganold et al., 2001).

A company’s organizational structure is one the most crucial elements that determines its success. Apple’s structure has seen a dramatic change since the death of its founder, Steve Jobs. Under Jobs reign, everything flowed through him, but now under the leadership of Tim Cook, the company has taken a collaborative approach in its structure. However, Apple’s organizational structure has maintained three significant characteristics. First is the spoke –and – wheel hierarchy. Under Tim’s management, this structure has created more collaboration among the company’s different parts such as software and hardware teams. This has strengthened the roles of the senior vice presidents, but Tim Cook remains at the center of the wheel. The other characteristic is the function- based grouping (Reganold et al., 2001). Here, each senior vice president controls a business function such as m