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Motivators You are a preschool teacher. Describe a situation in which you would use an extrinsic reward to motivate a preschooler. Discuss how these motivators could result in learned helplessness. Now give examples and explain how you can lead the same child to achieve intrinsic motivation by becoming his or her own locus of control. Keep in mind that your end goal is for the child to be intrinsically motivated so he or she has ownership of the behavior. Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates and share an additional intrinsic motivator to the situation your classmates suggested. Explain why you think your motivator would work as well. Control The role of the microsystem in shaping children’s effortful control is important and parents play a critical role. What would you recommend to a parent who asks you what he or she can do to promote his or her preschool child’s self-regulation skills? Now turning to the mesosystem, identify examples of influences on the child's effortful control you can share with the parent. Provide examples of influences on children’s effortful control that you have observed in your own family and other families who are close to you. Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates and share examples of self-regulation skills you have observed in your family or other families who are close to you regarding self-regulation skills.
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