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SOC 308 week 2 assignment African Americans in the United States

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African Americans in the United States
SOC308: Racial & Ethnic Groups



In the United States of America only, there are over 310 ethnic groups and religions, ( 2011).   Of these entire groups, African Americans have been the first to live within the country from the 1500s century.  The first Africans arrived to the “Spanish territories of Florida and Texas from Mexico and the Caribbean” (Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, N.D).
History, immigration, assimilation, and conflict of African Americans with other ethnic groups.
African Americans, who have been called many other different names, are people with ancestry from populations of Sub-Saharan Africa (Rastogi,  Johnson, Hoeffel, Drewery, Jr., 2010).   Many people agree that African Americans were enslaved by wealthy cotton plantation owners during the pivotal years of US history.  However, according to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (N.D) there were thirteen important migrations that shaped and turned African America. The problem is that the only one that most people will recognize is that “transatlantic slave trade and the domestic slave trades were coerced. [So, the other twelve] were voluntary movements of resourceful and creative men and women, risk-takers in an exploitative and hostile environment” (p 1).
The era of slave trade consisted of many African Americans being shipped from their homelands to work and live in pastoral areas in Souther